Utmost indulgence at the San Marco Luxury Rooms & Suites in Mykonos


Imagine rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars in Mykonos town’s, trademark maze like streets. Picture yourselves taking a cool dip in the crystal clear waters of some of the world’s most famous beaches. Contemplate enjoying a magnificent cocktail -or two- over the iconic sunset at Little Venice

With its pristine beauty and glamorous, cosmopolitan character, Μύκονος is an adventure to be had at least once in a lifetime.

As extraordinary as it may be, this experience will be markedly augmented should you select the appropriate ΔΙΑΜΟΝΗ during your visit. After all this whitewashed, timeless island is all about indulgence; and indulge you certainly will, especially if you choose your Mykonos luxury rooms & suites with care.

Surely a good bed, a hot shower and a nice design, may just suffice. But a hotel can be so much more than that! The San Marco luxury hotel, a few minutes drive from action packed Chora, at serene, peaceful and distinctly picturesque Houlakia bay, in fact has this certain je ne sais quoi, that can transform your holidays into a magical, forever cherished experience.

What’s more the San Marco collection of Mykonos luxury rooms & suites boasts a wide range of options to suit different party sizes and accommodation needs: From the beautifully appointed Δίκλινα δωμάτια με θέα στον κήπο, to the more expansive Junior Open Plan Sea View Suites or the truly romantic Anemos Honeymoon Suites, you shall be able to find exactly what befits your individual preferences. Then you may begin indulging in your very own Mykonos adventure.

Enjoy a fantastic day at the San Marco Mykonos Luxury rooms & suites

Your day in the island of winds shall certainly be long and exciting, so we suggest that you have a fortifying, as well as delectable start. From 07.30 to 10.30 AM, at the San Marco Luxury hotel we serve a sumptuous Greek buffet breakfast by our sea water pool. No wonder it is one of the most renowned in Μύκονος, as superb variety and taste are conjoined with the most idyllic setting. After you’ve gained your energy and strength, it’s time to consult with our concierge, who will give you some great insider’s tips and personalized recommendations-just for you.

Do you fancy a helicopter ride to enjoy Μύκονος from the sky? Maybe you’re interested in a cruise to Delos with your very own luxury yacht or some sailing around the island? Perhaps you’d rather go kayaking or on a jeep safari. You could also opt for a spot of yoga with a splendid view and even a romantic horseback ride on the beach. The choice is yours. Plus you don’t have to lift a finger, as our expert staff will book everything for you. Even those hard- to-get tables at the island’s most elite, private clubs.

Μύκονος is of course world famous for its beaches. And not without good reason. Whatever else you plan for your day ahead, make sure you check out Paraga, Elia, Super paradise, Lia or Agrari for some serious fun under the sun. Then return to our unique, protected Houlakia beach -it’s amazing pebbles are in fact a rare sight!- and enjoy the clear waters and later the magnificent sunset with the nearby islands of Syros and Tinos, in the background.

If the sun gets the better of you-or if you simply (and rightly so) want to indulge in some body and mind rejuvenation, our Boutique Hammam Spa, shall be waiting to offer you an amazing array of massage therapies, facial and beauty treatments in its state of the art facilities.

Following this utmost relaxing experience at our sanctuary of well being, you’ll be ready and primed to revel on our signature cocktails at the Veranda lounge. Make sure you arrive around 8PM, as the sunset here is magical; Certainly a great, spellbinding way to start your evening!

Our delightful concoctions will have sufficiently tantalized your taste buds by now, so we suggest that you follow it up with dinner at Veranda restaurant before heading into town and getting lost in its labyrinth streets. One of the finest, fine dining establishments with a view to match its enticing culinary creations, San Marco’s romantic restaurant, is certainly not to be missed during your stay.

Now that you’re well fed and happy, jump on our Shuttle bus to Chora to engage in a bit of action. For this is Μύκονος after all, so expect to dance your nights away along with the world’s beau monde! And when you’re done with partying, your Mykonos luxury rooms & suites at the San Marco Luxury hotel shall be waiting to offer you a most restorative sleep!

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