Launching the New San Marco Mykonos Hotel & Villas Blog!


Exciting news from Houlakia Bay and our little corner of the beautiful island of Mykonos. Today we’re announcing the launch of the brand new San Marco Mykonos Luxury Hotel & Villas blog! In this inaugural post we’ll be telling you exactly what you can look forward to every month on our blog, so read on for a full breakdown.

Latest news & announcements from San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas in Mykonos

Each month we’ll be releasing a new blog post featuring the very latest news and announcements from San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas. You’ll be able to stay right up to date with everything going on at our hotel in Mykonos all year round. We’ll be providing in depth information about our luxury rooms, suites, and private sea view villas, as well as revealing any changes we have planned for the hotel for the 2017 summer season in Mykonos. All this will allow you to learn more about the beach hotel in Houlakia bay, our range of luxury services and facilities, our boutique hotel spa, and our restaurants and bars before you’ve even arrived. Your luxury summer holiday in Mykonos can begin before you’ve even set foot in the hotel via the magic of our blog!

Mykonos Luxury Hotel & Villas Offers

Our new blog will also be the best place to find out about all our latest luxury hotel special offers, discounts and holiday break packages in Mykonos. By reading our posts you’ll stay up to date with all our latest discounts and special offer packages when they launch, ensuring you always get the best value on your luxury room, suite or private villa, as well as the best possible deal on your holiday in Mykonos by booking with us direct.

Mykonos & Houlakia Bay News & Information

Visitors looking to explore Mykonos and families who want to see the best of the island can use our blog to plan their holiday and learn more about Mykonos before they’ve arrived. We’ll also be using our blog to keep you informed of all the latest Mykonos news, and all the goings on in Houlakia Bay too. We’ll be keeping track of all the changes in Mykonos, and letting you know about the best new Mykonos hot spots and places to go on the island too. We’ll also suggest some of the best things to do in Mykonos in order for you to get the most out of your stay, including holiday activities and experiences, day trips, and more.

Explore the San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas Site

In addition to our blog, you can get a full flavour of the San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas in Houlakia Bay, Mykonos by exploring our website. You can take your time browsing through our selection of luxury rooms and suites, ideal for both couples and families, and pick the perfect one to suit you! Or you can marvel at our four sea view private villas each with their own private pool, and imagine being transported to a world of true luxury in the beautiful surroundings of Houlakia bay. Check out our very own Pythari Greek restaurant and our Veranda gourmet dining restaurant, and start selecting your spa treatment packages at boutique hotel spa. Our website has everything you need to discover the hotel and start living your dream Mykonos holiday.

Stay Up to Date with San Marco Mykonos Luxury Hotel & Villas on Social Media

Every month you’ll find a new San Marco Mykonos Hotel blog post in the dedicated blog area of our website. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get our latest news and announcements first, and see the beautiful photos of the San Marco Luxury Hotel and Villas and stunning Mykonos that we share every week. You’ll also get notified on Facebook and Twitter when we release a new blog post too! And don’t forget you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay totally up to date with everything that’s going on at San Marco Hotel & Villas in Mykonos.

We look forward to seeing you back here next month!

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