2 +1 great reasons to visit Mykonos in the Spring


Image by Bairyna from Pixabay

Looking for some wanderlust inspiration? Mykonos in the spring looks and feels like a slice of heaven on earth – and here’s why:

Tired of the bustling city rhythms, the dirty streets and the grey-laden weather? Just close your eyes and imagine: Azzure blue skies and seas, pristine gold beaches and a postcard-pretty,  whitewashed town that’s the playground of the world’s jet-setters. And that’s just the general idea.

Μύκονος, indeed, makes for a holiday beyond words. Those who have been will find it hard to describe without using the clichés that we’ve all grown so tired of: Mediterranean paradise, party island – throw in magical and glamorous too. It just so happens that in this case, all of those overworked descriptions ring true. Especially if you decide to visit Mykonos in the spring. With its enchanting light and colours, and the season’s excitement that’s just about to take off, Mykonos in the spring is simply glorious — and that’s a well-known secret among the connoisseurs. Follow their lead, to savour the best of what this island has to offer without the summer crowds, enjoy the blooming scenery and the 5-star treatment and bask in an experience of a lifetime!

You’re in for a multisensory surprise

Mykonos’ dry and barren, rocky landscape is as characteristic as its thatched windmills. Right? Well, this certainly applies in the hot summer months, but Mykonos in the spring is a completely different story. Following the winter’s rains (which were plentiful this year!), nature blossoms, covering the terrain in a blanket of green dotted by red, yellow and purple wildflowers. Would you be one of the lucky few who see it?

Plus with plenty of sunshine and temperatures, hovering in the mid 20o C (high 60 to mid 70o F), in late April and May, its near-perfect bikini weather – if not for a swim (though the most daring ones will brave it), but surely for working on your tan, without getting scorched from the heat.

This weather is also ideal for long, leisurely walks amid the cobblestone streets of Chora – and with the hordes gone for the moment so you’ll be able to enjoy the fairytale scenery, and get some amazing pictures, without the hustle and bustle.

Pressing further on the matter of the absence of tourists, if you decide to visit Mykonos in the spring, you’ll get the chance to meet the locals. Let us not forget that the islanders’ gregarious spirit and culture are what first lured the jet setters and the bonvivants back in the 50s. How about getting a taste of Μύκονος’ most authentic side?

You’ll experience Easter in Mykonos

Speaking of authentic experiences, springtime is inextricably linked with the Orthodox Easter. Though Μύκονος is an intensely cosmopolitan destination, locals – as most islanders around Greece – tend to piously observe their time-honoured customs. This means that Easter in Mykonos offers a mosaic of somewhat contradictory images that – miraculously – complement each other: On the one hand, homemakers baking cookies and sweetbreads to prepare for the big feast. Locals sing sad gospels as they follow the epitaph’s procession on Good Friday. Big firework displays after the Resurrection and families clinking red-dyed eggs at large gatherings on Easter Sunday. And on the other hand, shiny happy people drinking champagne cocktails on whitewashed verandas, designer-clad celebrities parading through the maze-like alleyways of Mykonos Town and on Sunday, lamb on the spit at the beach served by girls in bikinis.

There is always a good reason to visit the island of the winds, but to spend Easter in Mykonos is one of the best. That’s why year after year Greeks and in the know visitors rendezvous here for a unique mix of crazy partying tied together with a taste of age-old folkways that are still going strong. This is a spiritual as much as a festive occasion that marks the commencement of the season – and you should count yourself lucky if you’re able to attend!

You’ll enjoy better deals

Mykonos in the Spring also means nicer prices. Capitalize on the San Marco Long Stay offer and enjoy a 20% discount on all ΔΙΑΜΟΝΗ; plus a host of perks like complimentary pickup and transfer, welcome cocktails and 20% off on any spa treatment at our exclusive Mykonos spa.

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