A prime example of local architecture at the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas


“Unless you have seen the houses of Μύκονος, you can’t pretend to be an architect… Whatever architecture had to say, it is said here”, Le Corbusier, the renowned representative of the Modern movement and one of the most influential architects of all times, said when he visited the Cyclades in 1933.

Indeed the great man was thoroughly impressed by the small, irregular, cubic whitewashed houses and churches built on top and next to each other on the maze- like cobblestone streets, basking in the Aegean’s striking light. Though humble, the Mykonian settlement was characterized by harmony, plasticity and balance. In effect it was built in a manner which serves the needs of men without antagonising nature. These unique traits would ultimately earn Μύκονος– it’s town and various villages- the esteem and admiration of the international architectural community.

The good thing is that the island’s inhabitants (whether old or new!) have ample respect for their country, so they have refurbished existing structures and developed subsequent ones with due regard to these archetypal principles.

Mykonos’ traditional architecture was thus preserved intact and nowadays the island of winds trademark, photogenic image circulates around the globe and lends it a reputation that exceeds the Greek borders. In fact it is its characteristic architecture that acts as a magnet for art lovers and aesthetes around the globe.

The San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas pays homage to the island’s striking architectural heritage

At the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas we are no exception. So with abundant respect to the landscape and local architectural heritage, at the serene and beautiful Houlakia bay, just 4km away from Chora, we have created a –striking in its simplicity-hospitality unit; One that pays homage to the Mykonian legacy and past while boasting state of the art amenities and the latest conveniences to keep up with the times-and the imperatives of the discerning traveller.

This philosophy is manifested throughout the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas premises: From the whitewashed exterior building complex, to the various rooms and suites, the Houlakia Boutique Hamman Spa, or Pythari and Veranda restaurants, the visitor may admire the distinct characteristics that have made the Mykonian architecture renowned around the world:

Small geometrical volumes built on the hillside overlooking neighbouring Syros and Tinos islands; extensive use of local materials throughout the complex; typical flat roofs for resistance to the island’s fierce winds; wisely fabricated openings for sunlight and protection optimization; elegant curves and a public and private space that is inventively integrated into each other. The San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas building complex is indeed a prime example of the island’s famed architecture. Interiors follow the same logic: Simple, clean, minimalistic lines, few ornaments but the amazing sea vistas and tasteful, functional furniture blending with the latest modern conveniences such as flat screen TV’s, air conditioning and opulent bath amenities. The San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas resort presents an idyllic picture carefully balancing contemporary luxury and age old tradition. We cordially invite you to enter its spellbinding world!

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