Family holiday in Mykonos: Is this a good idea?


Blending enchanting landscapes, tons of pampering, fun and immersive new adventures, a family holiday in Mykonos is an outstanding memory in the making. To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, all you have to do is choose the right family-friendly accommodation.

Dubbed the Mediterannean’s hip party queen -and perhaps even rivalling Ibiza in notoriety- Μύκονος is not what first springs to mind when you are considering where to vacation with the kids. But this is just the first impression. With its constellation of blue and gold beaches, 5-star services, state of the art amenities and wide-ranging opportunities for sport and play, Μύκονος on second thought, seems like a paradisiacal, albeit somewhat unconventional, family destination. Then there is its postcard-pretty Medieval town, rich cultural offerings, fascinating history, divine food and super friendly locals, adding to this sunkissed island’s unquestionable allure.

For those willing to take the road less travelled, a family holiday in Mykonos is a first-rate opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with your nearest and dearest amidst the striking Cycladic setting. From building castles on pristine sands, riding the surfboard or sailing around Delos, you’ll never run out of fun things to do on your family holiday in Mykonos. And, at this mecca of the Goodlife, you’ll be enjoying the red carpet treatment no matter what you are up to -children or no children around: Whenever you are craving for some me-time -or wish to spend a special romantic moment with your better half, round the clock babysitting and childcare will be at your disposal, at the San Marco, the best family-friendly luxury hotel in Mykonos. Does this sound tempting?

Here’s a taste of what your family holiday in Mykonos will be like:

1. Enjoying the beach life

With more than 30 beaches to choose from -including the lion share of the Aegean’s best shoresΜύκονος is a sun worshipper’s paradise. Some are geared towards the instagramable party crowd – perfect drinks and loud music blasting from the speakers. Others are family-friendly stretches of sand, popular with locals and visitors alike; in which you’ll get to spend the day immersed in transparent turquoise waters, paddling, snorkelling or trundling around on a pedalo. But if you are looking for something pristinely spectacular, away from the beaten track, yet still easily accessible, then Houlakia beach is a fantastic option. Located just 4km away from the bustling Mykonos Town and steps away from the San Marco hotel & villas, this sheltered gem takes its name from the area’s characteristic smooth and shiny pebbles. According to Mythology, they are the fragmented Titans’ bodies whom Hercules slew on the instructions of his father Zeus. Mythological connection aside, thanks to their uniqueness and beauty, modern visitors are forbidden to remove them from the beach. Immerse yourselves into a scenery untouched by humans; let serenity wash all over you; swim or play in the crystalline sea, or venture on Houlakia’s wilder right side: The footpath offers gorgeous views of the pebble-carpeted beach and the sunsets are enchanting. Turn your camera on and dazzle your followers with this just perfect family shot!

2. Bonding with the clan 

A perfect blend of place and space, the San Marco offers outstanding accommodation for different family sizes and compositions. Depending on your style and needs, take your pick from the panoramic Sea View family Loft Suite, the Executive​ Sea View Suite or the spacious two-bedroom Leto, Artemis and Hera Villas. All are spread over 25, well-tended acres of land overlooking the Aegean and sport independent terraces and entrances to safeguard guests’ privacy and seclusion. They are also lavishly appointed, mixing Cycladic chic aesthetics with the latest creature comforts. All premises offer unbeatable views and plenty of space indoors and outdoors for relaxing and lounging in style; while the San Marco Luxury Mykonos Villas come with their own private pools, too. Perfectly suited to a family holiday in Mykonos, your suite or villa is like a home away from home -with some delightful extra perks thrown in the mix:

Blending the quaintness and charm of a boutique establishment, with the amenities and services of a large scale resort, the San Marco delivers the ultimate indulgent family experience in Mykonos. Kick start your days with a hearty Greek buffet breakfast at Pythari restaurant -kids and adults adore it, both for its sumptuous offerings and opportunities for mingling with like-minded guests! Then there is plenty to do, should you choose to stay inside the San Marco grounds: Swim, sunbathe or play at the large seawater pool, sweat it off at the gym or the tennis court, or head to the Sweet Spa, the hotel’s awarded Wellness Center in Mykonos, for some much-needed head to toe rejuvenation and pampering. Later on, the San Marco pool bar & lounge is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with cocktails while your children savour their own delicious mocktails. Μύκονος of course is all about the high life -and this includes gastronomy. Show your young ones what fine dining means at the onsite Veranda restaurant, a small and intimate venue with enticing culinary creations and views to match.

3. Experiencing new adventures

Staying cocooned within the San Marco is a perfectly enjoyable option. But Μύκονος is an island of multifaceted delights and attractions, begging for exploration. Consult with our concierge for top insiders’ tips and personalized recommendations, and let them organise everything you need for the most memorable family holiday in Mykonos. From a lavish picnic basket for the beach to a private sailing trip, a jeep safari or a helicopter ride; and from a kayaking excursion to horseback riding on the waves, a cycling tour through the countryside or even traditional cooking lessons, nothing is too much or too much trouble. Just get ready to make new memories with your loved ones!

4. Exploring Mykonos Town

Celebrated by film stars and great architects alike, the iconic Mykonos town is one of those places that enthral young and old alike. Savour it unhurriedly: Get lost in its labyrinth alleyways -a remnant of the island’s pirate past; explore the famous windmills; the seafront colourful houses of Little Venice; the quaint little chapels and the museums: Lena’s House is a typical 19th-century middle-class family home with period furniture and decorations -from mirrors to gravures and embroideries- that will travel you back in time. Likewise, the Archaeological Museum features jewellery, figurines, funerary statues, and pottery dating back thousands of years. And if your offspring are into ships, make sure to visit the Aegean Maritime Museum, with its fascinating collection of nautical instruments and ancient vessels.

History and culture aside, the whitewashed Chora has also worldlier pleasures in store.
Pop into the shops for designer wear and funky souvenirs; get photographed next to the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican; enjoy a princely meal or drinks at one of the many restaurants, bars and cafes while basking in the photogenic surroundings. You’ll love every minute of it -and your kids will have a blast too!

5. Visiting ancient Delos

Spreading over 3,4 sq. km, a few miles away from the shores of Mykonos, Delos was the mythological birthplace of twins Artemis and Apollo. With a population of 30.000 in its heyday, it was also the most important religious and commercial centre of the ancient world: A golden city resplendent with columns and mosaics, statues, palestrae and wealthy neighbourhoods. Nowadays a UNESCO heritage monument, Delos and its remarkably well preserved archaeological site are open for the world to admire. Wonder around exploring the ancient theatre from the 3rd century BC, the Terrace of the Lions and the exhibits at Delos Museum including the Torso of a Kouros from the middle of the 6th century BC, the Marble statue of Boreas and the Bronze mask of Dionysos, from the 2nd century BC. This is an immersive educational experience, your children will be thanking you for in the years to come, and an escapade you are bound to savour too. Especially if you choose to combine this visit with a boat cruise to Rhenia: A little know paradisiacal isle next to Delos; and one of the few places on earth where you can admire ancient monuments in the same natural habitat they were originally built in, aeons ago. Make sure to consult with the San Marco concierge for details!

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