Get inspired from 10 interesting facts and book your holidays at the San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos


People from all corners of the planet are drawn to Μύκονος for its distinct mixture of glamour and fun. Most visitors however know next to nothing about its history, culture and legends.

Why be one of them? So If you’re planning your holidays at the San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos, dare to be different and read on for 10 amazing facts about Mykonos-and then use them to impress your friends and hot date(s) alike!

1. Μύκονος was named after its namesake hero, “Mykons”. He was the son of the king of Delos, Anios, who was in turn the son of God Apollon and nymphe Rhoio; a descendent of Dionysus, no less.

2. Forever posing next to Hollywood movie stars and A-listers, Petros the Pelican, is Mykonos mascot; and arguably its biggest celebrity. Legend has it that the original Petros was found wounded in a storm during Queen Frederica’s Royal cruise to the Greek islands in 1954. He was rescued in Μύκονος and named in honor of a local fisherman who was executed by the Germans during World War II. The adorable animal soon became a favorite of the jet setters-the likes of Jackie O– who were then starting to discover the island. After the original Petros’s demise, the latter supposedly donated another pelican to the island; and this tradition continues up to today.

3. Μύκονος belongs to the Cyclades complex. It consists of 33 islands forming a circle (‘cyclos”) at the epicenter of which lies the sacred isle of Delos: the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and antiquity’s most cosmopolitan, commercial and religious center.

4. Various international films have been shot in Mykonos, including, The Greek Tycoon (1978), Summer Lovers (1982), Shirley Valentine (1989), The Bourne Identity (2002), Kamaki (2007); and Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos (2010).

5. Μύκονος has a barren landscape; yet it is actually far richer in fauna than one might think. Its signature animals are the large, spiky lizards that sit on the rocks and the dry stone fences. Locals still call them “crocodiles”, as the Ionians who once inhabited Μύκονος used to do several aeons ago. In fact the very species of the crocodile owes its name to this characteristic Mykonian creature; for when the Ionians arrived in Egypt they thought that-then called- champsai- swimming in the Nile, looked like the lizards in Μύκονος and thus named them “crocodiles”, too.

6. Le Corbusier might have exalted Mykonos’s pristine beauty, but in point of fact the trademark whitewashed houses of Chora were yellow, pink or blue until the 1930’s; when former Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas, decreed that for hygienic purposes all Cycladic residences must be covered with lime. Cholera was plaguing the country and lime was at the time the most potent disinfectant; so the once colorful houses turned white overnight.

7. Μύκονος has over 800 churches (80 of which are classified as historical museums) and more than 200 bars and restaurants.

8. Legend has it that during the battle of the Titans, Hercules defeated the Giants and imprisoned them under the rocks of Houlakia Bay. Home to the San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos, this secluded beach is protected by the Ministry of Culture. In fact it is strictly forbidden for visitors to remove even a single pebble from the beach!

9. “Kopanisti” cheese is a characteristic Mykonian delicacy. It is deliciously creamy and somewhat tangy and has been named a product with Protected Designation of Origin.

10. Μύκονος attracts its fair share of the world’s champagne sipping glitteratti. It is only logical then that it is home to the most expensive bottle of champagne in Greece:  120,000 euros will buy you an Armand De Brignac Methuselah Midas bottle at ultra posh Nammos in Psarrou.

We bet that the above got your appetite whetted, so visit us at the San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos, for a most exciting holiday experience.

Located just 4km away from the main town, in a peaceful and unspoiled setting, our San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos, is an amalgam of relaxed, effortless elegance and homey ambiance. Stylishly and sumptuously designed and equipped with the latest amenities, the rooms and suites of the San Marco hotel & sea view luxury villas in Mykonos, shall be the ideal base for your escapades. We cordially invite you to come and join all the fun!

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