Why travelling to Mykonos amid the pandemic is actually a good idea


Out are the days of the frenzied, packed parties where mingling with a bunch of strangers was the order of business. In are easy living moments with one’s hand picked few, against textbook Cycladic settings: Contrary to popular belief, the island of the winds is so much more than its boogie nights. Enjoying Mykonos amid the pandemic is actually very possible and all about taking the road less travelled.

Αmalgamating glamour and fun with archetypal island charm, Mykonos has been the playground of the globetrotting elite ever since it was discovered by the bohemians and the intellectuals of the 1930s. Even covid 19, couldn’t destroy the Aegean’s grand dame myth. But its constituents, though still potent, must be somewhat modified to suit the emerging norms in view of the current, unprecedented circumstances.

Social distancing is the mantra of the day, and happily, Mykonos has a whole lot more to show for than a decadent lifestyle: From its pristine, secluded beaches and secret, quaint attractions to its charming age-old traditions, Mykonos is well-positioned to reintroduce itself as an exclusive, safe and utterly charming haven: An earthly paradise where one may bask in the high life under the striking Mediterranean sun without compromising their health, safety, security -or standards.

Read on for all you need to know about visiting Mykonos amid the pandemic!

How to enjoy Mykonos amid the pandemic

  • Try the offseason. Though Mykonos is the quintessential summer destination, those in the know are very well aware of the fact that it is even more enchanting in the autumn and spring. Sitting in the heart of the Aegean sea, Mykonos boasts a mild Mediterranean climate with lots of sunshine throughout the year. Swimsuit season extends till late October and recommences at some time around April, depending on one’s physical condition and preferences. As per the more faint-hearted, sunbathing is always an option in these months. The added bonus is that the Mykonian landscape changes significantly over the year: Unexpectedly luscious and verdant in the spring, often cloudy and dramatic in late autumn and winter, the island presents a striking diversion from its typical, sun-scorched, dry and barren summer facade. And you’ll have some spectacular pictures to prove it!
  • Practice social distancing in style: Travelling to Mykonos in the offseason also means that you won’t have to beat the crowds for anything: Whether this is capturing the perfect shot next to a blue and white, impossibly cute (and therefore normally packed) little church for your next Instagram story; wandering through the maze-like streets of the whitewashed main town, or even exploring the remarkably well preserved archaeological site of neighbouring Delos.
  • Choose your lodgings with caution and care: Covid or no Covid, Mykonos is synonymous with the good life. The desideratum nowadays is to safeguard visitors’ health and well being yet without cutting back on comfort or panache. Travelling to Mykonos amid the pandemic is, then, all about bringing more exclusivity to an already uber-exclusive experience. To this end, one must choose their Mykonos accommodation with extra care. A fancy design and the usual trappings of glamour just won’t do; if they are not absolutely guaranteeing safety too. Blending impeccable style with cutting edge amenities and the latest creature comforts, the San Marco Luxury Mykonos Hotel & Villas is uniquely positioned to provide world-class hospitality and utmost indulgence along with the commitment to the highest hygiene standards. Located just a few minutes drive from postcard-perfect Chora, at the serene, peaceful and distinctly picturesque Houlakia bay, the San Marco boutique premises are spread over 25, well-tended acres of land overlooking the big blue. All of the San Marco Mykonos luxury rooms, suites & villas sport independent entrances and private terraces, to further facilitate social distancing. Whether they reside at one of the beautifully appointed Classic Garden View Rooms, the sleek and elegant Deluxe Side Sea View rooms, the spacious Junior Open Plan Sea View Suites, a family Loft Suite with Panoramic Sea View, the deliciously romantic Honeymoon Junior Sea View Suite or at an Executive​ Sea View Suite, guests may bask at living in the lap of luxury, safe in the knowledge their health is not in any way compromised: Spatial arrangements allowing for maximum independence aside, the San Marco has also put in effect a host of well planned, thoughtful measures designed to foster its residents’ well being.
  • Go for quality rather than quantity: Opting for a small-sized boutique hotel when visiting Mykonos amid the pandemic makes a lot of sense from a safety perspective. But you won’t want to miss out on all the pampering a fully-fledged Mykonos resort can offer. Pleasure and indulgence are after all so much important after all the psychological stress we have experienced! At the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas, you can have the best of both worlds. Blending the amenities and services of a large scale resort with the quaintness and charm of a boutique establishment, the San Marco delivers the ultimate luxe experience in Mykonos. To give you just an idea, your days will start with a sumptuous Greek buffet breakfast at Pythari restaurant, by the hotel’s stunning seawater pool. You may then consult with our concierge, for top insider’s tips and personalized recommendations. In fact, nothing is too much or too much trouble: From a helicopter ride, a kayaking trip or a romantic cruise, you’ll soon discover that your wish is our command. But just relaxing is an option too: Entrust our expert therapists at the Sweet Spa, the San Marco’s awarded Wellness Center in Mykonos to administer an array of massages and bespoke treatments for complete body and mind rejuvenation. Restored and revived you may then enjoy a sunset cocktail -or two- at the candlelit pool bar & lounge, before heading for dinner at the acclaimed Veranda restaurant: A small and intimate venue with enticing culinary creations and a view to match, this is one of the finest, fine dining restaurants in Mykonos which will give you a hearty taste of what the good life hype is all about.

After all, escaping the bleak reality is the sine qua non if you are to travel to Mykonos amid the pandemic. Should you brave it? Yes, if the promise of pure, unadulterated indulgence, is accompanied by an outright assurance for your health and safety. And this is exactly what the San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas in Mykonos is all about. Don’t just take our word for it. Contact us and start designing the holiday of a lifetime!

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