A Dionysian kind of experience at the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas


Dedicated to Dionysus, god of joy and wine, September in Mykonos elevates fun into unprecedented heights. Opt to stay at the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas and get the most out of your early autumn visit.

September signifies the end of the summer and the return to school or office (reality some would say!). September however is also known as the month of the harvest and by extension as the month of joy and merrymaking, for these are the characteristic qualities of Dionysus, patron of wine and harvest.
Grape harvest and winemaking is in fact a time honoured tradition dating back from the age of the agricultural revolution, some 7.000 years ago. Ancient Greeks used to make wine since 1.700 B.C. This process has been inextricably linked to the cult of Dionysus, for wine has not only always been a staple of their diet, but also of their religion: Ancient Greeks indeed believed that the juice of the grape is the blood of Dionysus and by drinking wine, they were in effect partaking in Dionysus blood.

Dionysus is of course key to Mykonos’ mythology. As the legend goes the island was named after a hero going by the name of Mykonos, son of the king of Delos, Anios, who in turn was the son of Apollon and nymphe Rhoeo– a descendent of no less than Dionysus himself.

Things have not changed much since antiquity though. Today (metaphorically speaking) the cult of Dionysus is manifested in the super trendy, frantic Mykonian days and nights, the endless parties and the colorful, joyful crowds.

Though the (super) busy season has drawn to a close by September, on this month fun acquires a wholly different level of meaning, as throughout the island, the ancient tradition of grape crushing is revived in various wineries. Most welcome visitors, open minded and daring enough to partake in this primordial, truly Dionysian experience; which apart from some copious labour also involves equally bountiful amounts of drinking, eating and dancing.

Indeed the essence of Dionysus is very much alive and kicking in contemporary Mykonos; should you decide to visit in September you’ll get a first rate opportunity to find out for yourselves.

A fun and wine filled September visit at the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas

To complement your remarkable, fun and wine filled, September Mykonos experience, select the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas, at the distinctly serene and beautiful Houlakia bay, for your stay. For, with its acclaimed Pythari and Veranda restaurants, which promise to tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning palates, the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas, is indeed a slice of heaven for wine (and food) aficionados. Expect to do some serious feasting (after partaking in the grape crushing festivities, you’ll be asking for more no doubt!) and then relax and unwind, basking in the tender care of the San Marco Mykonos luxury hotel & villas staff, who are committed to spoiling you rotten. Allow yourselves to be pampered at the hands of our seasoned therapists manning the sanctuary of the Houlakia Boutique Hammam Spa (a spot of detox will certainly come handy after all this wine!), and then entrust our expert concierge to arrange everything for you, from your safe and easy transfer to and fro town, to your private yacht or even helicopter tour.

And then, after a fun packed day, return to your room or suite at the San Marco boutique hotel in Mykonos, for a most restorative night’s sleep. There is so much to see and do in September in Mykonos, so you might as well keep up your strength so as to enjoy to the fullest!

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